Welcome to the new Members Only Section of the HIP HOP UNITE website!

One of our primary goals for the HHU website is to continually increase its value to our membership. This year we have taken the first step by creating a members-only section and enhancing the resources and information on the public site. Thus, membership now gets you access to exclusive web content designed specifically for you. This includes meeting agendas and minutes  of our HHU TC, communication and outreach by and on behalf of the HHU TC and the Chair of HHU TC, download center and much more. We hope you will find this section informative.


  • Official logo
  • Official backdrop
  • Guidelines how to use logo/Backdrop
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Article of Associations
  • Detailed Committee Manual
  • Code of Ethics
  • Short Business Plan Goals
  • Judge Certification Program
  • List of certified Judges
  • Tabulation System – Crews
  • Membership advantages


Do you need to schedule a meeting with Chair(s) of Hip Hop Unite, then send us a message and we will come back to you shortly.
Corona Updates / Sports

Sport and physical activity play a hugely important role in our lives, however to uphold wider public health objectives, limits have been placed on some activities and settings in order to limit social contact and reduce transmission.

Staying active is a vital weapon against COVID-19, which is why people will always be able to, and encouraged to, exercise even during periods of tough restrictions. People should try to ensure they exercise regularly in a way that suits them, as physical activity plays a vital role in both our physical and mental wellbeing.

We recommend you to urge you members to be active by using online classes, training sessions, and more.

What about HHU European Event

For now we are doing our best to arrange the HHU European Championships in May 2021. However, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has also in the new year 2021 resulted in closure of gyms, stadiums, dance and fitness studios, physiotherapy centres, parks and playgrounds. Many individuals are therefore not able to actively participate in their group sporting or physical activities outside of their homes. Under such conditions, we cannot predict the future situation, but we are following and in close contact with the authorities, thus we will keep you updated.

However, should it not be possible to arrange the HHU European championships, the HHU TC has decided to arrange it as “HHU Virtual HHU European Championships”.

World Championships 2021

The HHU World Championships 2021 will be arranged in Agen, France from 21-23 October.

The city of Agen on the banks of the Garonne is a welcoming, modestly-sized town where the living is easy. A walk through its historic centre takes in emblematic places like the very lively Place des Laitiers square, the arcaded Rue des Cornières, Rue Beauville with its old half-timbered, corbelled houses, Saint-Caprais cathedral – home to colourful 19th-century frescoes – and a fine art museum (Musée des Beaux-Arts). The latter is housed in four Renaissance town houses and contains remarkable collections of archaeology, paintings, sculptures and decorative arts, including an exceptional group of canvases by Goya and the famous Vénus du Mas d’Agenais sculpture. An absolutely must-see museum!

Gravier esplanade along the Garonne is a lovely place for a walk and very popular among the town’s inhabitants, with plane trees, lawns and paths. To the north is the majestic 539-m long canal bridge that takes the Canal Latéral à la Garonne over the Garonne river.


- Business and Marketing Plan 2021-2025 - FINALIZED
- New website - FINALIZED
- New registration tool - FINALIZED
- New payment gateway - FINALIZED
- Members Only Page - FINALIZED
- First HHU Country Meeting 5th Feb - FINALIZED

- Social Media Strategy
- New Battle Tabulation system is under constructions to be used for Int. events
- Online European Championships for Crews 2021
- Optimizing youtube channel
- Optimizing Facebook Account
- Optimizing Instagram Account