Countdown to HHU European Championships 2024

Date: 24th – 25th May 2024

Location; Opatija, Croatia

Venue: Sports Hall “Marino Cvetkovic”


Registrations for all divisions – Deadline for registration and music submission is 8th May 2024

IMPORTANT: Your registered crew/duo name has to correspond and be the same as track name, or it will be cancelled.


Hip Hop Unite  European Championships 2024 is a great event,  where we seek to inspire dancers and offer more innovation.

We invite the European dance community (HHU members) to join the HHU Event to connect, create and compete at international level. Dancers from Hip Hop backgrounds may enter to represent their country on the stage, to experience, compete and reach the highest rankings of the HHU Champions.

We are working with industry leaders to produce a competition that provides real value and we are bringing international judges and workshops to the show, and this will be a journey you will not want to miss.


DUO – Fee for each DUO dancer
  • Participation fee for each dancer for DUO’s
  • Certificates for all dancers
  • International Judges.
CREW – Fee for each crew dancer
  • Participation fee for crew competition per dancer – Each dancer is paying for each division. If a dancer is participating in both Small Crew division and Mega Crew Division, then the dancer will be invoiced for both divisions. –  Certificates for all dancers – Medals for all Medalists
BATTLE – Fee for Battle
  • Participation fee for each Battle dancer
  • all dancers have to pay, also if competing in the Crew competitions
  • Prize Money and Medals for all Winner in Adult
  • International Judges.



Opatija, a magnificent coastal town on the Adriatic Sea and a well-known 19th-century health resort, is today a popular holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. A mild and pleasant climate makes Opatija a perfect destination all year long. The town is surrounded by stunning nature. It is located at the foot of Mount Učka, a popular destination for hikers and excursionists and a boundary between the green Istrian peninsula and the littoral region which features a perfect harmony of varied landscapes. The town of Opatija offers a beautiful view of the sea and the nearby islands of Krk and Cres, which can easily be visited by car or ferry. Opatija is surrounded by charming small towns characterised by narrow streets and a rich history.

A wide range of beaches, clear sea and a variety of services and facilities are the key factors why tourists keep coming back to Opatija.


In a country full of magnificent coastal gems, Opatija still manages to stand out. It is said that this small town 18 kilometres (11.1 miles) southwest of Rijeka is where Croatian coastal tourism began, but there is more than enough still going on to keep Opatija relevant to visitors today.

The Kvarner Gulf is just another stretch of Croatian sea that demands plenty of attention.

Opatija is its pride and joy, a small city of approximately 12,000 inhabitants that shimmers and shines at every turn. If you find yourself in this serene seaside siren, consider this your must-do checklist.



Opatija is perfect for a summer vacation in Croatia thanks to the beautiful coast and the many bathing places. Click here for an overview of the most beautiful beaches in Opatija!

Although the town of Opatija is part of the “Kvarner Bay” in Croatia, you can also go on wonderful day trips from there to the charming region of Istria.

The surroundings of Opatija are also worth seeing. The nature park Ucka, the old town of Rijeka, the coastal pearls Moscenicka Draga and Lovran are among the most popular places.



In the below link you can find all the hotels near the Sports Hall.


Here are some of the accommodations that are still available in good price and have a lots of space.

Also on the website of Opatija there are still private accommodations, apartments available but you have to contact them directly.

Also there are lots of apartments in Icici and Lovran which is situated 4 – 10 km from the Opatija and is regular with buses and also you can walk along the sea all the time.


From the airport You have to go to Rijeka Main Bus station, which is operated by regular shuttle from the airport.( times are dependent on the season, but published one month prior)

Upon arrival to Rijeka Main Bus Station, you connect to Opatija by BUS (20 min). It is operated by different companies and you can easily find them online.

You can also arrange a taxi from the airport. And the list of reliable taxi services are here.

There are also train conenction from Rijeka to Opatija, but everybody was discouraging us from using it. These small railway services never goes according to schedule:)

  • WIZZ AIR, etc.

You can also travel by train – regular direct connections – example from Prague (Czechia), or bus connections from the entire European Union.


Musta - Denmark

Head Judge

Marzanne - South Africa


Stef - Belgium


Svatava - Czech Republic



MC Tommy Guns


DJ Leagz


DJ C-fas



Generic Questions About This Event

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Hip Hop Athletes are obligated to follow the good spirit of the sport and ethical values of the sport, the principles of Fair Play, National and International Anti-Doping Codes and other rules and regulations that are in force.

Fair Play is often referred to as “the spirit of sport”, it is essence of Olympism; it is how we play true. The spirit of sport is the celebration of the human spirit, body and mind, and is characterized by to following values:
• Ethics, fair play and honesty • Health • Excellence in performance • Character and education • Fun and joy • Teamwork • Dedication and commitment • Respect for rules and laws • Respect for yourself and other participants • Courage • Community and solidarity

What is Hip Hop Unite?

“HIP HOP” is “UNITING” – coming together, sharing, respecting each other and learning from one another in order to grow and create better results.

The idea behind HIP HOP UNITE is to create a well structured organization offering hip hop workshops, education and national, european and world championships focusing on the needs of dancers, coaches and clubs

How can we register for the event?

Our registration process is very simple. Please go to the top of this page and click on the “Register” Button.

On this form registration form you can register your team in Cadet small crew, Junior small crew, Adult small Crew, Senior Small Crew, Mega Crew, DUO’s and Battles.

What about the music?

We do not accept or use CD – You need to upload your music upon registration of your team or send the music to, and we’ll have it tested and ready to go on the day. The format must be MP3.

Crews are required to BRING AT LEAST ONE (1) CD with your music to the event as backup – JUST IN CASE THERE ARE PROBLEMS WITH THE UPLOADED MP3-TRACK. The backup-CD should be labeled, being clearly identified with the following: Category, Name of Crew, Country. Example is the following: Cadet_NoWayCrew_France

Is it possible to substitute a dancer?

For SMALL CREW a total of two (2) members can be substituted from the preliminary round to the final round but any change must be authorized by the Head Judge.

For MEGA CREW a total of four (4) members can be substituted from the preliminary round to the final round but any change must be authorized by the Head Judge. .

Can we test the floor/stage?

A floor check is planned – see time table for more info.

Each crew will have the possibility to test the stage (music) for about 1 min. However, time permitting, we will make every effort to allow each crew to test the stage for 1-2 min.

Do you give Prize money?

Yes, Prize Money is awarded in the Adult and Mega Crew Division for the Gold Medalists.

The prize money will be paid out to the winning crews right after the finals by the Secretary General.


Thanks to all our partners & sponsors for their help. They are all fully dedicated to help you