Biggest Event Of The Year
On May 25th-27th, 2017


Location: Czech Republic

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About HHU European Championships 2017 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.

“HIP HOP” is “UNITING” – coming together, sharing, respecting each other and learning from one another in order to grow and create better results. During 2016 we had over 750 dancers, and this year we expect much more. Hip Hop Unite is proud to arrange the Event in Karlovy Vary, which is in the center of Europe, and will attrack alot of member countries.

Hip Hop Unite is a brand of FISAF International.

Event Schedule

Schedule is based on mandatory meeting and registration during Thursday, and competitions during Friday and Saturday. We will also offer international workshops on Thursday. This schedule is subject to change, so be sure to check for updates.

Day 1 25th May, Thursday
  • 10.00-12.00 Arrival of Hip Hop Judges
    12.00-14.30 Judges Workshop and Lunch
    14.00-14.55 Workshop, Lock/Poppin - HeavyWeight
    15.00-15.55  Workshop, Hip Hop, SnuDee, Ger
    16.00-16.55 Workshop, Krump - Chanelle, UK
    16.30-18.30 Registration and Check-in all crews
    18.30-19.30 Mandatory Crew Info Meeting
    19.30-21.00 HHU judges debrief and Dinner

Day 226th May, Friday
  • 09.00-11.00 Floor testing, all Crews acc. to start list
    11.30-12.30 Preliminary Round Juniors (20x)
    12.45-13.45 Preliminary round Adults (20x)
    13.45-14.00 Announcement of Semi-Finalist
    14.00-15.00 Lunch and HHU Judges debrief
    15.00-16.00 Preliminary round Cadets (20x)
    16.00-16.20 Preliminary round Senior
    16.30-17.30 Preliminary round Mega Crews
    17.30-19.00 HHU TC Meeting
    17.45-19.00 Prelim/Preselection - DUO's
    19.00-21.00 Youth Battle, 1vs1 Hip Hop
    21.00-22.30 HHU judges debrief and Dinner

Day 327th May, Saturday
  • 09.00-10.00 Semi-Final - Junior Crews
    10.15-11.15 Semi-Final - Adults
    11.15-12.00 Lunch Judges/debriefing
    12.00-13.00 Semi-Final -  Cadet
    13.15-14.15 Semi –Final - Mega Crews
    14.15-14.30 Announcement of Finalist
    14.15-14.45 Debriefing (cadet and mega)
    14.30-16.00 Feedback for eliminated crews
    16.00-17.00 Opening Ceremony – FINALS
    17.00-18.30 FINAL - Duo's
    18.30-19.30 FINALS - Junior / Adults Crew
    19.30-20.30 FINALS - Cadets, Seniors, Mega
    20.45-21.15 Award Ceromony
    21.30-23.00 Battle, Adult Hip Hop 1vs1
    21.30-23.00 Feedback for all crews
    23.00-02.00 After Party, all

Promotional Video

Executive Presence

Executive Presence during the Hip Hop Unite European Championships 2017 in Czech Republic..

  • Jana Havrdová - President, FISAF International
  • Musta Elbahi - Chair of Hip Hop Unite & Vice-President, FISAF International
  • Dany Deren - Member of Executive Committee
  • Tatiana Polukhina- Member of Executive Committee
  • Stella Diblik- Member of Executive Committee
  • Dubravko Turk- Member of Executive Committee
  • Tracey Vaughan- Member of Executive Committee
  • Keith Barends- Member of Supervisory Board
  • Minja Turk - Event Manager of Hip Hop Unite
  • Diana Minaříková - Secretary General
  • Stef Ferrest - Vice-Chair of Hip Hop Unite

Judges of the Event

We’ve got expert’s Judges from around the world

We would like to introduce our highly qualified panel of judges. This year, the dancers will be judged by an astute panel of 6 respected judges who represent different styles of dance from different parts of the world. At the end of this competition, only one crew in each category will be left standing —The judges have no easy job but it is up to them alone to determine “the Champions?”

Obelixx is from Portugal. 24 years of experience with Popping, House, Hip Hop and Afro. CEO & Fer @ Obelixx Popping Factory. Marco is known and respected as a leader in the Dance Commulnity in Belgium, Portugal, The Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Egypt.


Musta was born in Morocco & has been in the entertainment industry working professionally for over 20yrs, not just performing as a dancer but as an artist developer, choreographer, teacher & event organizer. He is known for his high energy & freshness. Musta is co-founder of Hip Hop Unite.
Musta Elbahi


Wickedminds er koreograf, danser og international dommer. Han er en velkendt Bboy og har opnået adskillige finale-pladser. Han er stadig aktiv i holdkonkurrencer, og har deltaget i næsten alle Hip Hop begivenheder i Europa og USA. Widkedminds har omfattende dommer-erfaring og medlem af Hip Hop Unite Technical Committee.
Andreas Wicked


Katya is the chair of HHU Russia. She is a certified Hip Hop Unite International Judge with over 20 years of dance experience. She is head of a hip-hop dance studio and has great experience in coaching and Director of mass hip-hop show Yekaterinburg Russia.
Ekaterina Neviantseva


St’F is a Dancer, Coach, Judge, Choreographer and Organizer. St’F is creator of many ideas and streetdance events. Among those are "The JSDP-Creation", refreshing, full of variety and never repeatedly he created new moves. In 2004 he started the International Federation FISHEC. The year after a new concept was created “Noaid” and in 2006 he started the new organization BIGBANG. BIGBANG became the big success of years of experience...
Stef Ferrest


Chantelle is a professional Streetdancer/Krumper from South East London. Chentelle is a member of pioneering all female Krump group Buckness Personified. Experience in hip-hop /street dance styles for over 5 years. She has performed and competed around the UK. Also, traveling around Europe competing in worlds and European championships.
Chantelle Dawe

United Kingdom

Nicknamed Amine Jack. Exe Dancer Professional. Began dancing in 1986 in Morocco, but has also an earlier career as dancer in Russia. Styles: Hype, Funkstyle and Breakdance. Amine is a Choreographer, Dj and Animator. President of the Youth Hope Association Morocco Freestyle urban dance - Morocco. Organizer of the biggest international festival of urban cultures in Africa «freestyle Morocco urban dance»
Amine Wakrim, Battle & DUO Judge


Snu Dee is originally from Angola, but lives in Germany. Snu Dee is a well-known choreographer, dancer and instructor. He has several Battle achievements and done shows and workshops in many countries. Known for his great style and way of presenting.
Snu Dee, Battle & DUO Judge


Choreography as a speciality, Tarik Chand is known by his unique style, and passionate way of moving. Dancing, event planning, teaching and performing with Top Artists national wise are some of the highlights of his strong career. Several appearances on national television including Portugal Got Talent with FunkyMonkeyz.
Tarek, Battle & DUO Judge



Our Esteemed Partners/Sponsors for this event

We work hard to ensure that this event will be a great experience for all our dancers, and particularly our sponsors and partners. This not only allows us to plan a better event, but also to keep the cost as low as possible and make the Prize money possible. We’re expecting over 750 dancers at HHU World Championships. Our goal is to provide the best Hip Hop event, and we hope that you’ll join us!..


Generic Questions About This Event

“HIP HOP” is “UNITING” – coming together, sharing, respecting each other and learning from one another in order to grow and create better results.

The idea behind HIP HOP UNITE is to create a well structured organization offering hip hop workshops, education and national, european and world championships focusing on the needs of dancers, coaches and clubs

Our registration process is very simple. Please go to the top of this page and click on the "Register" Button.

On this form registration form you can register your team in Cadet small crew, Junior small crew, Adult small Crew, Senior Small Crew, Mega Crew and Battles.

We do not accept or use CD - You need to upload your music upon registration of your team or send the music to, and we'll have it tested and ready to go on the day. The format must be MP3.

Crews are required to BRING AT LEAST ONE (1) CD with your music to the event as backup - JUST IN CASE THERE ARE PROBLEMS WITH THE UPLOADED MP3-TRACK. The backup-CD should be labeled, being clearly identified with the following: Category, Name of Crew, Country. Example is the following: Cadet_NoWayCrew_France

For SMALL CREW a total of two (2) members can be substituted from the preliminary round to the final round but any change must be authorized by the Head Judge.

For MEGA CREW a total of four (4) members can be substituted from the preliminary round to the final round but any change must be authorized by the Head Judge. .

All the crew dancers who have paid registration fee to compete in cadet, junior, adult, senior and mega crews, can participate in the Battle 1vs1 free of charge.

At Hip Hop Unite we offer the following to battle categories: Hip Hop 1vs1 Adult & Hip Hop 1vs1 Youth. The Youth category is from 7-12 years old.

Yes, Prize Money is awarded in the Adult and Mega Crew Division for all medalists (1st, 2nd and 3rd places).

The prize money will be paid out to the winning crews right after the finals by the Secretary General.

A floor check is planned for all crews Frida Morning between 8.00 am - 10.00 am.

Each crew will have the possibility to test the stage and music for about 1 min. However, time permitting, we will make every effort to allow each crew to test the stage for 2 min.

Hip Hop Athletes are obligated to follow the good spirit of the sport and ethical values of the sport, the principles of Fair Play, National and International Anti-Doping Codes and other rules and regulations that are in force.

Fair Play is often referred to as “the spirit of sport”, it is essence of Olympism; it is how we play true. The spirit of sport is the celebration of the human spirit, body and mind, and is characterized by to following values:
• Ethics, fair play and honesty • Health • Excellence in performance • Character and education • Fun and joy • Teamwork • Dedication and commitment • Respect for rules and laws • Respect for yourself and other participants • Courage • Community and solidarity

Pricing Packages

See what you get during the event

Crew Registration Fee

  • Participation fee for crew competition per dancer
  • Free Battle Participation when registrating for crew competition
  • Water during the competition
  • Certificates for all dancers
  • Prize Money and Medals for all Medalists


Hotel, Packages, etc.


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